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Advantages of gabion box

Date:2015-1-6    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: hexagonal mesh, gabion box

Maishi Gabion is a surface-treated carbon steel corrosion hexagonal flexible metal mesh after tailoring, knitting edges and made of a combination of a variety of mechanical cage woven double hinge.

Twisted Gabion structure has the following advantages:

(1) Environmental protection, natural stone interior fill material, pro environment, in which plants can grow to meet the ecological requirements;
(2) The integrity of the structure is not easy to destroy;
(3) Flexibility to adapt to ground deformation without damage;
(4) Durability, twisted grid using PVC coating and protective film, long life;
(5) Permeability, permeable internal structure, no special drainage facilities;
(6) Low cost, less material, to facilitate construction;
(7) Good wave dissipation performance. It can be extended to the construction or alteration of ecological river bank protection, engineering measures to reduce the pressure on river ecosystems.

Twisted grid structure for river bank protection, there are three basic forms: cages, mats and net bags. Internal structure filled with pebbles or small boulders, sometimes with other materials such as discarded concrete blocks, bricks, etc.

The main difference between the cage and the mat is its thickness: mat is thinner than the cage (about 0.15-0.5m), to protect the river and the river banks from erosion damage. Cage thick (approximately 0.5-1.0m), but covering a smaller area to protect the mat incapable of riverbank, or to secure the slope, build sluice structures, pipes export, or for the protection of the soil is not any other structure under water shocks. Mesh bag, suggests that it is filled with rock pouch grid can be used to build dams or breakwaters, or used in the rescue project.

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