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How stainless steel mesh wrapped selvedges

Date:2015-1-19    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: stainless steel wire mesh, corrosion resistant materia

Stainless steel mesh wrapped selvedges by ginning loom woven stainless steel wire square mesh with a variety of useful products.

stainless steel mesh wrapped selvedgesFeatures are: ginning network edge is wrapped by two waves of pre-bent into shape with plain woven wire, stainless steel wire mesh in advance to die because bending, so tend to make two wires in a relatively accurate position then such a guarantee absolute straight net mesh size, in this way for ordinary woven cotton net strong opposition, compared to easy damage, component-level mechanical protection, construction, mechanical homework protection.

High safety features, selected on the basis of differences in the relative demand for material production, such as stainless steel, making acid, alkali, anti-erosion, for paper and chemical companies, the same mesh size, demand was solid materials, grading selection, liquid filtration user farewell. Consolidation of durable, anti-erosion it greatly used in the barbecue food processing, mesh display order, substantial and strong, it is good information to customize all kinds of deep processing and metal fences.

Stainless steel mesh wrapped selvedges convenient to use, easy to fall off, use a long time, not easy to difficult to handle, the weft yarn wrapped round the edge, easy to fall off, structural consolidation, convenient to use, wire through the 20# - 300#.

Uses: widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, machinery and accessories, protective nets, packaging nets, barbecue net, grill net, sintering furnace with a net, finished with a net hardware, handicrafts net, vibration screen, basket nets, food machinery with a net, cooking with a net, wall nets, food, roads, railways, foundation equipment with a net can be used for classification of solid materials selection, liquid and slurry filtration, aquaculture, and other civilian.

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