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How to clean metal wire mesh

Date:2014-12-16    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords:clean metal wire mesh, metal wire mesh

How to clean metal wire meshHow to clean metal wire mesh? Hebei Maishi wire mesh have years of experience in production and sales of wire mesh, and now to introduce you to several metal wire mesh cleaning method , can effectively clean the metal wire mesh.

Screen version produced before the preparatory work done, the most important step is to ensure that the metal wire mesh is very clean, because the metal does not have the absorbency and must ensure aHow to clean metal wire meshclean and non-greasy, non- fat, regeneration solution, fingerprints, in order to facilitate the template is preferably affixed to the metal wire mesh. Hebei Maishi wire mesh mostly metal wire mesh screen, are coated with the protective oil traces of protective coating and processing, these substances before post mode must be thoroughly clean.

Metal wire mesh cleaning can use the following methods:
1. Hebei Maishi wire mesh’s metal wire mesh, can be 5 to 10% acetic acid solution, rinse 5 minutes and then all the residue washed with hot water.
How to clean metal wire mesh2. Holding the metal wire mesh directly through a gas flame or Bunsen burner, and then wipe with a clean brush, to prepare for the film. Hebei Maishi wire mesh remind you, do not make it too long on the flame.
3. Any dilution of the etchant are available to clean metal wire mesh, and then washed with hot water corrosive.
4. Hebei Maishi wire mesh gives you a clean metal wire mesh of the old method : metal wire mesh inserted in a rack, with the same thick screen frame with an in pumice, volatile oil paint diluted with solvents or abrasive cloth soaked polished, then wash with hot water, after which the template can be posted on a wire line.
5. 10% or 20% of the alkaline aqueous solution of ammonia can also be used for cleaning the metal mesh or fat processing.
6. You can also use the screen from Hebei Maishi wire mesh where to buy special cleaning solvents.

How to clean metal wire meshCleaning of the metal wire mesh may be used the above method, any one can achieve the purpose of cleaning the metal wire mesh. However, According to the Hebei Maishi wire mesh rich experience in production and sales of wire mesh, prompting you, screen after cleaning, to avoid leaving fingerprints on the wire-line, do not touch the screen. Metal wire mesh in storage should be careful not to make anything fall on the wire-line, in order to maintain its cleanliness.

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