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How to prolong the life of stainless steel mesh belt

Date:2015-2-4    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: stainless steel wire mesh, mesh belt

Compared with the life of the ordinary network stainless steel mesh belt is a very short, because our environment is very complex, such as high temperature, corrosive environments. As we all know, stainless steel mesh belt is characterized by high temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength.

First, in excess of 400 ℃ ultra-high temperature conditions.

stainless steel mesh beltBelt during normal operation, due to the heat transport of materials cause the temperature to rise, transport intensity is forgotten as the temperature rises gradually declining. Stainless steel mesh belt use restrictions will depend on the temperature of the material and mesh belt friction generated by the rotation of the temperature and materials. Temperature over 400 ℃, when will affect the life of stainless steel mesh belt, please consult the manufacturer of stainless steel mesh belt, under normal circumstances, is a high-temperature stainless steel mesh belt, so in the case of 400 ℃ is not going to affect their life but due to the different manufacturing processes, the manufacturers made the life of the different stainless steel mesh belt.

At high temperatures need to consider the following issues when using a stainless steel mesh belt a) belt at work due to the heat generated by friction.
b) due to manufacturing process variations lead to different coefficients of thermal expansion of the stainless steel mesh belt, when different materials are welded together, there is possibility of thermal fatigue.
c) When the ambient temperature exceeds 400 ℃, resulting in expansion between the parts of the case should also reduce intermittent full consideration.
d) creep.
e) ordinary mesh belt at high temperatures hot brittleness, stainless steel mesh belt versa.
f) carbon deposition brittle;
g) temperature changes affect the use of stainless steel mesh (cooling and expansion) band;
h) Effect of high temperature lubrication, silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricants have good heat resistance.

stainless steel mesh beltSecond, when the belt is exposed to corrosive materials will contain adverse consequences. First belt parts will become more and more detailed, leading to accelerated wear, rust on the part of ordinary belt also affects flexible stainless steel mesh belt rotation hinges and rollers. When a stainless steel mesh belt under acidic or alkaline environment continued to work part will stress corrosion and stress corrosion crystal.

When using the mesh belt in corrosive environments, we must choose a very heavy Watch with parts of the material. Whether used as part of the series martensitic stainless steel mesh belt lays rust but also depending on the specific work environment. Master the proper use of anti-corrosion technology belt in a corrosive environment is very useful.

Third, the use of mesh belt in the grinding environment.

Belt use in abrasive environments can cause particularly severe wear, in order to ensure the life of the belt, you must use the time to pay attention to:
a) You can avoid network with direct exposure to abrasive materials by installing chain cover ways;
b) When the belt is exposed to abrasive materials in when we must choose the right type of delivery models;
c) minimizing the chain speed;
d) In order to reduce pressure on the hinge pin and sleeve mesh belt composed, please choose the larger size of the mesh belt;
e) Use grease lubricant.

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