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What industry can be applied to stainless steel mesh

Date:2015-1-29    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: stainless steel wire mesh, applied

Stainless steel mesh is a use of superior grade stainless steel wire SUS302 304 304L 316 316L is one kind of material woven wire mesh processed products. For stainless steel woven wire mesh methods are: plain, twill, dense weave pattern.

Because stainless steel its own characteristics, so that the processing of stainless steel wire mesh with high abrasion resistance and long service life, mesh precise, uniform structure, not curled, easy to use, even the screen thickness, antistatic, anti-acid, anti-corrosion products with characteristic acid, alkali, temperature, wear and other properties, therefore, in recent years, stainless steel mesh is widely used in coal, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries as mine screen.

Stainless steel mesh can be used as flood control, transportation, water conservancy construction or safety net basis intranet or extranet applications. Due to the use of stainless steel as metal mesh material, so that it has corrosion resistance, high strength, flexibility and good performance.

Stainless steel mesh can be divided into: stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel dense grain network (I-Net) wide-type network (1.2-3.5 meters, 5-8 meters) wide, large wire-shaped net, special specifications can be customized according to user needs plus processing.

Uses: Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used for acid under alkaline conditions screening and filtering. Mainly as the oil industry make mud mesh, chemical fiber industry screen filter, electroplating industry for pickling network to use. I plant the production of stainless steel mesh as a building can not easily be cut with a safety net hard, can adapt to harsh outdoor work environment, reusable, only one input can be used multiple times and reduce costs.

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