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Why does the stainless steel have rust too

Date:2015-2-10    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: stainless steel, rust

Stainless steel, just as its name implies is refers to the weak corrosive medium, such as air, steam, water resistance and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching medium corrosion of the steel, also called acid-proof stainless steel.But in the actual application, only some stainless steel raw with rust.

Stainless steel materials appear rusty phenomenon, there may be several reasons:

First, natural intergranular corrosion.
This does not contain titanium and niobium material tend to intergranular corrosion.Join titanium and niobium, combined with stable processing, can reduce the intergranular corrosion.In air or chemical corrosion resistant to corrosion medium of a kind of high alloy steel, stainless steel is a beautiful surface and corrosion resistant performance is good, need not after surface treatment, such as color of plating and the surface of the stainless steel inherent performance, used in a variety of steel a, often called stainless steel.On behalf of the performance of 13 chrome steel, 18-8 chrome-nickel steel high alloy steel.

From the perspective of metallography analysis, because the stainless steel containing chromium and make the surface form very thin chromium film, the film is isolated from intrusion in the steel corrosion of oxygen.In order to keep inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, steel must contain more than 12% of chromium.Welding is applied to the occasion.Low carbon content is made in the heat affected zone near the weld in the precipitation of carbide to a minimum, and may result in precipitation of carbide welding stainless steel intergranular corrosion in some environments.

Second, there was no after solid solution treatment.
Alloy elements into matrix, the matrix organization alloy content is low, the corrosion resistance is poor.

Third, the use of chloride ions exist in the environment.
Chloride ion is widespread, such as salt/HanJi soil/water/wind/etc.Stainless steel in the presence of chloride ions in the environment, corrosion soon, even more than ordinary low carbon steel.So the use of stainless steel environmental requirements, and often need to wipe, remove dirt, keep clean and dry.(so that you can give him a "misuse".)The United States has an example: a certain enterprise with a oak containerized chlorine ion solution, the container has been used more than hundred years, in the ninety s, plans to change, because the oak not enough modern, stainless steel to replace 16 days after container due to corrosion leakage.

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